Concrete Resurfacing

Do not rule out concrete resurfacing for your outdated and ugly concrete pad. Concrete porches or pads can be updated through the process of concrete resurfacing. A nice decorative finish that is virtually maintenance free might be just the option for you.

Whether you have a new porch or an old deteriorated porch you have options. You can save money by repairing and resurfacing as opposed to replacing your porch at a much higher cost with much more mess. You can choose from a simple troweled on gray to a beautiful flagstone. One of these appearances may be just the application for you.

If your porch is structurally sound then consider having your porch repaired and resurfaced for approximately half the price of replacement. Naturally, each endeavor will have its own specific requirements and prices vary depending on the amount of work necessary to complete the project.

Does this perk your interest? Remember, for about half the cost of a replacement you can have a beautiful new concrete overlay installed, textured and colored to look like gorgeous and expensive flagstone!