Seamless Brick & Masonry Repair

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Masonry repair can be one the best preventative maintenance dollars you can spend on your property. The why is simply that it costs a lot less to perform a repair than it does to completely rebuild the area. Periodic inspections and repairs should be part of your regular plan maintaining your property. Throughout the years weathering can affect your masonry negatively. For example, an area that has spalled (surface deterioration cause by moisture) should not be allowed to progress. If this is not repaired in a timely manner additional moisture can spread further into the wall system and cause additional damage. Many times the damage is so extensive that the only option may be an expensive rebuild if the area.


During a brick repair, masonry repair, or a remodel it is very common to find areas where segments of masonry have been uncovered and exposed. These areas almost always have stains, caulk, mortar, glue and/or miscellaneous debris. Although some of the exposed masonry may not be stained, an obvious variance in color may be noticeable due to lack of exposure to the elements over the years.

These obvious areas can be very unsightly and detract from final appearance. To achieve a uniform outcome, the masonry should be stained to conform with the surrounding area. This is not an easy undertaking but successful in almost all situations. Properly executed masonry stain hides the unsightly discolorations that occur. Staining works well on almost all brick and can make a repair appear seamless.

Brick stain is also an effective technique for hiding unsightly areas without the expensive cost of brick repair replacement or rebuilding. In addition, staining is used frequently to color tone stucco, stones, concrete and other cement products that have become unappealing over the years. Regardless if you are a homeowner, business owner or a builder you can cover those unsightly brick repair blemishes with a quality application of brick stain from Brick Rescue.